The Guide Is this your first time?


Recoflow’s individual page is called Record. IT is called 'Record(record)'because you can freely keep a record of your memorable events.


All the materials of Recoflow are saved in form of 'card'. When you use the card, you can use a project name that groups title, keyword, contents, and individual record.

Users can save the card in 5 formats. Choose a format that best fits your content.

picture draw manually / cook recipe / certifying picture after an event
internet article link / scrap of interesting post / self-blog URL
self-introduction UCC / instrument playing / presentation video
presentation / homework / team meeting record
idea / motto / talking about hardtimes


When the user creates a card, the most important thing is the 'keyword'. Write the keyword that best summarize your card.

  • Like 'Korean modern history', 'cooking', 'literature creation'if you use simple keywords, writer and readers can easily understand the content.
  • Through keyword statistic ability, you can find out about the user’s major interest and changing progress.
  • You can search the user and card with the keyword.

In order to help you enter a keyword, Recoflow provides keyword cloudfrom the editor.


You can see the record in various views.

  • Flow viewprovides cards in chronological order
  • Detail viewcan allow you to closely examin each card at once
  • Project view allows you to view card with a separate project name. IT does not matter if the project is not a heavy one. Collect your individual experience into project category.


you can 'follow'others, and cheer through 'Like', and give feedback through 'comments'.

You can get a user suggestion by the record of school, interest area, keyword. If you take good usage of suggestion, you can expand your social network in you region. You can find the one with similar plans( Contest preparation, festival planning, building habits ets.)and find a team member.
(the Friend suggestion system is currently being prepared)